Email digest type

If you are subscribed to many forums on moodle.org as i do, you might have encountered problem of your email address been spammed with a lot of new posts. How to solve it without tossing your email address out?

Maybe you overlooked one tiny setting in your profile, with label Email digest type.
As you can see, there are 3 possible options:

  1. No digest - you will become all new posts from your subscribed forum, that means a lot of emails sometimes ;)
  2. Complete - you will become one email, with all content of new posts, this can be very long
  3. Subjects - you will become one mail only with topics and authors of new posts

I prefer third options, it seems most informational and still comprehensive for me.

You might find, you cannot see Email digest type label with select menu at all in your profile. Please notice, that this setting is set up as Advanced. So press Show advanced button to see it.

With this post you will be never again spammed by ;)

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