Turn Editing On shows blank page

There is a question that shows repeatedly after upgrading to Moodle 1.8.2 . Are one of those : "I upgraded to 1.8, working perfectly, but when i Turn Editing On, it shows only header and page stays blank"

And you know what? It happened to me to ;-). So don't panic, there is a simple solution usually.

Turn on debugging, (Administration > Server > Debugging and set Debug messages to ALL : Show all reasonable PHP debug messages.
Don't forget to check Display debug messages

Then try Turn editing on again and it will show some errors. I dare to say you will see, that some files from third party block/module you used are missing, because you just forgot, you were using something like that ;-).
So check Modules and plugins database for new version of this missing block/module, download it and install it in your new Moodle 1.8

If you wouldn't be able to locate corresponding version of block for Moodle 1.8 copy this block/module from old version, you might be lucky and it can work. If not, you need to ask block/module maintainer for new version. In worst case you will have to delete missing block/module from settings to get your new Moodle working.


Syam said...

this worked like a charm for me...Thanks a lot mate..

PK said...

Thanks for your comment. I am glad i could helped.
Feel free to contact me, if you have some idea/problem i can write a post about ;)

Anonymous said...

I found this page while looking for a similar problem in using Moodle 2.0. Enabling debugging didn't help me (I also got a blank page when trying to do that :-)), but the items under "Development" led me to perform some of the available testes, and one of them failed with insufficient memory. I then realized that "memory_limit" was set too low - only 64M. Raising it to 256M solved the problem.

Hope this helps.

Asociacion de corazones rotos said...

I got this one, can you help me?? thanks!

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