Where has my Help gone?

In Moodle 1.8 is missing Help line in Administration block in the course. Solution?

Some of my teachers noticed, the Help line is missing. So i need to come for a rescue and i have found it again! (I have to add it)

If you are not interested in tech stuff and just want modified file, download it here, its for 1.8.2+

Not much stuff for techies. I just pasted there this section (see crippled a href for displaying reason):

/// show Help for teachers -dfa- START
if (has_capability('moodle/course:update', $context) && ($course->id!==SITEID))
$lang = str_replace('_utf8', '', current_language());
$this->content->items[]='< a href="http://docs.moodle.org/'.$lang.'/Teacher_documentation">'.get_string('help').'</a>';
$this->content->icons[] = '<img src="'.$CFG->wwwroot.'/mod/resource/icon.gif" class="icon" alt="'.get_string('help').'" />';
/// -dfa- END

I pasted this section right after section displaying Grades to achieve old look.
Hope this helps some confused teachers.

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