I can't see, i can't see...discussions

My friend currently asked me for help. He found strange bug, that new discussions in forums aren't showing for him on 1.5.3. He didn't change anything, but suddenly it was not working anymore. I suggested him some way to track the problem, then i dugg to my test installation on localhost and suddenly found, it's not working for me too!!

It costs me some hairs pulled from my head, when i pinpointed a bug to be in function forum_get_discussions in moodle/forum/lib.php.
System told me that column usermodified doesn't exist in my database. I checked DB, it was there...So another hairs later i searched a solution here:

It showed up, it has been made by updating mysql server. I recently updated it on my localhost to 5.0.41 with installing new XAMPP and this mysql version has some issues with order of the tables.

I reordered lines in FROM section of the query and its working again.

Another lesson learned: If you have problem, search moodle.org before doing anything on your on. Maybe someone had the same problem to and found solution already.


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