No more Students, no more Teachers

I think the biggest difference for ordinary users, eg. teachers, when you upgrade to Moodle 1.8 (or 1.7 and higher) are new roles system. I may write more about this next time.

Right now i want to point to the most usual problem some teachers will face: "Where do I add students to my course? I can not see Students link in Administration section any more!"

In the times before 1.7 the Administration section for teachers looked something like that:

But in newer version it looks like this:

You can notice, there are missing lines Students and Teachers to enroll users to your course. These two lines are combined to line Assign roles which will lead you to this screen:

When you click on highlighted role, you will be shown a usual screen with two windows to enroll users as you were used.

I tried create small video to show you all this
in motion.

Hope this helps somebody.

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