Eaccelerator was a bad idea...for now

I experimented with caching in 1.8.2+ Moodle, to tune my site. I selected eaccelerator in Administration > Server > Performance

But as a result i got a
Fatal error: Call to undefined function _get() in D:\xampp\htdocs\moodle\lib\eaccelerator.class.php on line 56
and been cut from my site.

So i searched my database with phpmyadmin, looked for table mdl_config, because i know that various settings are stored there.
Found row which were doing this mess, with names cachetype and rcache

I deleted value for cachetype and set rcache value to 0 and we are working correctly again!!

So it's time for another crazy idea how to mess with my installation.

If you are not sure about manipulating your database manually, you can use solution mentioned here:
Eg. insert to config.php line with $CFG->rcache = false; This should be working too.


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