Teacher assign Teachers

Teachers cannot add another Teachers to their courses in new version (1.8), as they have been used. This post will provide a solution.

I have written about changes in roles system and most noticeable change ordinary users will see is in my another post. But there is a another change!

Teachers can add new teachers to their's courses whenever they wanted, without asking administrator in older versions. But this has been changed in new version by default.

So if you want to turn back to "old times, good times" way, you have to ask your administrator to change some setting.

At first, role setting for Teacher has to be changed. You (admin) can find it on Administration > Users > Permissions > Define Roles then edit Teacher role and change line moodle/role:assign to ALLOW.

But this is not enough. Administrator mustn't forget to change settings on Allow role overrides on same page. There you can check roles you want your users can assign.

We are targeting teacher role in our case and we want, that teachers can assign some roles to users in their course.(Eg. we want, teachers can give users in their course roles of Guest(by default yes), Student(by default yes), Non-editing teacher(by default yes), Teacher (we want this!!!). See next image how to achieve this.

Administrator can play with various ways of allowing roles to assign on this page. But take care not to overdo it! We do not want (usually) to teachers can add Administrator role to everybody ;-).

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