PF 2008

Sorry for lack of activity here, strange time around Christmas ;-).

I want to wish all readers happy year 2008, wish to be the best year you had :).

I started this blog as way to help with users with problems with Moodle administrating, i wrote 20+ articles in about 4 months, gained some traffic, but i have been expecting more.

So here is my new year resolution for this blog for year 2008:

  1. Write at least 2 helpful articles about Moodle a week
  2. Attract 100+ unique visitors a day
  3. Polish my English to write really helpful posts and not some kind of gibberish rumblings
  4. To have fun with creating content here :D

So once more, Happy New Year for all the readers, hope your dreams will come true.

And as always, any feedback welcomed :D.

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Hemant said...

Hi Petr,

All the best for your resolutions.

Have a great year!