Reset role to default

Did you play with roles settings but suddenly something is not working correctly and you don't know which change is the culprit? Did you want to reset role to default and can't find button? I know solution!

I read about role resetting to default on moodle forums but couldn't find mentioned button, but I noticed in the code, that the needed part is there.

So try to edit role you want to reset

Editing page will show up. Look into address bar, there you should see something like this:

http://yourmoodleurl.com/admin/roles/manage.php?action=edit&roleid=7 (the number denotes role id you are editing)

Change action=edit to action=reset. Everything others stays as before!

Press enter. You should see notice, if you are sure to reset role to default. If you are, reset it ;-).

Let me know, if you found easier way, I tried 1.8.2 and 1.9 versions but cannot find resetting button :-(.

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Art said...

Thanks for the reminder. It takes a while to get used to roles and it's good to remember that you can always reset the role if something goes wrong.