Unable to reset password in Moodle

You might know that Moodle helps your lost users not knowing their's password by resetting it.(It depends on the authentication plugin though.)

User needs to insert username, or registration email, Mooodle will send mail with link to reset that password. This is somehow cumbersome but it disallow pranks from malicious users trying to disable another user access.

But it can happen, that mail without the password reset confirmation links is sent. It contains these lines:
"Unfortunately your account on this site is disabled and can not be reset,
please contact the site administrator,"

In these cases please check if:

  1. authentication plugin user had been registered with is enabled
  2. user is not disallowed from login with 'nologin' tag in his authentication column in the DB
  3. user has rights for changing his password - moodle/user:changeownpassword (Moodle 1.9)
  4. authentication plugin contains these lines:

function can_change_password() {
return true;

Hope this will help solve problem with resetting passwords.

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