Moodle failed my trust

I read today this blogpost about author's experience with "overwhelming" teachers with Moodle rich features on the training, on the presentations, just to confuse or even scare them..

I found I am guilty with that too ;-).

But another idea crossed my mind. Did you ever "hype" some Moodle feature that didn't work as you expected later? Did you say to yourself: "Oh man, I wish I have never installed this, I wish I have never spoken about that, this is so much pain in ...". Did you ever regret you went with Moodle?

This article is not about blaming Moodle, unfortunate events happen all the time everywhere. I am just interested in situations, features that didn't go well or as you planned and how did you solve that? I love happy endings ;-).

I am looking forward to your comments :-).


Hemant Karandikar said...

Hello Petr,

No, I did not have this experience yet, probably because I used only those features of moodle which would help our target audience of corporate executives.


Kent said...

I have had a moment like this with Moodle although it was not a module that I promoted but it was a part of the core Moodle install. We had a professor work with the Workshop module for peer-editing. It looked like it would be exactly what was needed. It was a nightmare from start to finish. I spent countless hours trying to figure out why it would not work as expected only to end up in the code trying to squah bugs in the programming. The module should not have been included in the Moodle install in the state it was (is) in and I have it disable now on my current install. I'm still looking for a good way to peer-edit in Moodle!

PK said...

Thanks for your comments.
@Kent: yeah, I can understand you perfectly. Workshop kicked my a$$ more than once and confused lot of teacher.
Maybe Wiki could be helpful?

llane said...

YES. I hyped the Gradebook, then it changed into the gradebook from hell, so now I'm sorry.

Jared Stein said...

Have to say that's the workshops tool. I use it myself, and recommended it for a long time. But it really is overwhelming for new teachers! Even I myself am frustrated with it from time to time, even though when students and I use it the feature is useful.