Add random question to Moodle quiz

With modern techniques is really easy for students to try cheat when attempting quiz. They can use another opened browser window to google the answers, printscreen the question content and delivery them to another students etc.
One of the ways to make cheating more complicated is to create large questions banks and compiling quizzes with random question. Unique to every attempt.

Moodle quiz allow you to add random questions to your quiz. Even from various question banks.

Just go to the page, where you are creating questions and inserting them to the quiz. Choose one of your categories and look at the bottom on the right side. You should see dropdown input with label Add X random questions.

There you add specified count of question that are supposed to exist in the quiz. Max is count of question in selected category.

You can even change ordering of the questions, but please be advised that if you set quiz to shuffle the questions, this ordering will perish.

So qood luck with testing and lot of good ideas for difficult questions ;-).

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