New feature - Set dates block

I fought a problem with setting accessing dates and times for multiple instances of one activity type. Here is what i have done about it!

Let me explain. Try to imagine you created a nice course, students enrolled, time is moving, students accessing assignments, quizzes etc at times you wanted them but now a problem arises! For some reason, not matters how you want to postpone accessing times of all your assignment by 7 days.

You can say, it is small problem, you just have to access all assignments, one by one, edit them and change starting times for them.

But what you will do, if you have 20 assignments in your course? And 20 quizzes you want to postpone too! Isn't it boring to edit activities one by one?

So i created just for myself little block i want to share with you. Maybe you will find it useful.

You can add this block to your course and it will display list of activities that are possible to limit access to them in their's setting. This list looks like a well known Activities block.

For a sake of example, let me suppose you want to change assignments dates. The page you will see after you click on Assignments line looks like this..

I think this is self-explained. You can set Available from and Due dates of all assignment in your course on one page.

Or if you want to spare some clicking and you want to set same date for all assignments, you can do that to!
And last possibility is to delay available times by specified count of days.

This block is meant and is working on Moodle 1.8 (precisely 1.8.2+). So if you are interested, try it and let me know how it went.

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