Yay, i am Particularly helpful Moodler !!!

Just short personal stuff today.

Some time ago i decided i should repay Moodle and its community what i have earned, personally and professionally, from it. So i started to participate in forums on moodle.org more. As my goal i set to myself i should write at least one helpful post a day. I think i am doing this for some time on average.

And yesterday i have been rewarded and i am in group Particularly helful Moodlers
It really mean a lot to me, so forgive me this shameful bragging post ;-).

So, i think this is enough and back to work :-D.


mx said...

Congratulations! I can confirm you really are a particularly helpful Moodler. ;) Keep going.

PK said...

Thanks for your kind words. I will try to help further and more ;)