Bugathon - solve most bugs!

Maybe regular visitors of moodle.org noticed of recently started contest Bugathon. What it is about?

I think everybody knows what a bug in nature is. Bug in IT world means a glitch, mistake in program. No program can be created without ones. Moodle has some of this filthy and persistent creatures too :-(.

And to eradicate them, to create better system with as few bug as possible, Moodle Bugathon is taking place.

It started on Novemer 12th 2007 and will end on February 12th 2008.

You can win money or material prizes in these 4 categories:

  1. Most bug resolved
  2. Most fixes verified
  3. Most duplicates identified
  4. Most new bugs filled
I plan to attend only first category actively, already fixed some small bugs. If you have some favorite one (accent is put on 1.9 version bugs) , write it in comments, maybe i can take a look on it and try to resolve them. You may also log in to the tracker and vote for these bugs, i will get +1 point per vote in case i will solve your bug ;-).

You may find these links useful:

Join us in Great Bug Squashing Contest!!! :-D

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